All on Fire
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Appears On Vaxis - Act I: The Unheavenly Creatures
Track 12
Length 5:40
Written By Claudio Sanchez
Produced By Coheed and Cambria
Preceded By "The Gutter"
Followed By "It Walks Among Us "

All on Fire is the twelfth song on the Coheed and Cambria's 2018 album Vaxis - Act I: The Unheavenly Creatures.


All or nothing that I say will make me stay
Misguided by your loss and yearning
Oh, you can’t turn your eyes
You’re glued to me
So if you don’t like what you see

All on Fire, oh no…
Please bring water

We’ll soon find out who we are
When all goes dark
When the lights go dark
These broken hearts from promises
That always fade and never start
Have come apart

No longer me
No longer known
Do these moments on display suffice your need?
Please forgive me if
I agree to disagree
But your glimpse is now my nightmare

All on Fire... please bring water

We’ll soon find out who we are…

All is lost
And turned away
From out of my head and into the fray
Please make sure my door is closed
When no one is home
No one...

Sweet Phantom
Know now, that I respec
t Your cautious pantomime
Between what’s said and what was meant
A shifting paradigm

My lover
It’s time I disconnect
And find the end result
Come slither you snake
Please bring me back
To when life was wonderful

This heart of mine divides
No longer do I, do I
When you want it
If you want it, it waits
No longer do I, do I

Cause all on Fire
Oh no, please bring water



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Coheed and Cambria All On Fire (Official Audio)

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