Apity-Prime is one of the seventy-eight worlds of Heaven's Fence. It is the capital of Sector 1 and the current location of House Atlantic, the command center of Wilhelm Ryan's regime on Heaven's Fence.

History Edit

Year of the Black Rainbow Edit

Apity-Prime is the central base of Wilhelm Ryan, who took the planet from Althaddeus Favor after his disappearance. While most of the other Mages were killed, Favor apparently vanished, with not even Wilhelm Ryan being entirely clear on what happened to him. However he was not willing to miss an opportunity and commandeered House Atlantic, Favor's fortified palace. It was the site of a major battle between Ryan's Red Army and Dr. Leonard Hohenberger's K.B.I. which was backed by the Prise, the start of the first rebellion against Ryan's regime. House Atlantic sustained major damage and Wilhelm Ryan was driven back temporarily.

In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 Edit

A second battle was fought on Apity-Prime many years later by Inferno's Rebellion against the Red Army. After Wilhelm Ryan successfully cheated death, and by extension rule of law on Heaven's Fence, Inferno decided to cut the fanfare and kill the Supreme Tri-Mage personally. This time the Red Army was ready for them and a gruesome battle ensued. The Prise were finally eradicated by Vielar Crom, who had been resurrected as a giant robot inside House Atlantic, and the rebels took casualties. However the arrival of the Crowing, Claudio Kilgannon, changed the battle in favor of the rebels who were able to make an organized retreat and flee.

Good Apollo I'm Burning Star IV, Vol 1 - From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness Edit

After rebuilding their strength, the rebels find another opportunity to hit Ryan at his home. Saboteurs had damaged the defense grid, giving them a chance to break through, but Mayo Deftinwolf beat them there. Jackhammers shot down the Grail Arbor, but the IRO-bot crew survived, crawling from the wreck to fight the Red Army. Midway through the fighting, Inferno ordered his armies to follow Claudio, who had already fled the area. They did so, but Inferno did not escape. He did one last battle with Mayo and was killed, leaving the rebels stranded in the heart of their enemy's empire.

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