Chase (Good Apollo)
Also known as The Vision
The Vishual
Race IRO-bot
Relatives Jesse Kilgannon
World Fiction
First Appearance The Second Stage Turbine Blade (Issue 6)

Chase (also known as The Vishual) is one of Jesse's IRO-bot children, created to aid the rebellion and The Crowing in unseating Supreme Tri-Mage Wilhelm Ryan. Chase is known as The Vishual because she can hear The Writer.


The Second Stage Turbine BladeEdit

Chase is only briefly seen here, being told by Jesse not to cry over the incineration of Longcindia. Jesse explains to her that there are no room for mistakes, commenting "The mistake is for the human, this we are not."

In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3Edit

Chase is first seen as a fetus floating in an Iso-chamber aboard the Grail Arbor shortly after the destruction of Star VII. A doctor tells Inferno that he will be planting growth acceleration in both Chase and another IRO-bot fetus. Inferno tells him not to implant the growth hormone in Chase, stating that he wanted a "sample for group control." The doctor explains that Chase's mind has already being accelerated, and that without the growth acceleration she would effectively be an adult in a child's body. Inferno says that will have to do.

Chase is later seen ten-years old, being inspected by the doctors, and taking note of Sizer after he punched a large dent in the wall while observing them. She hopes to gain the approval of Inferno and have him admit to her that he is the father of her and the other IRO-bots. She then assists in the defense of the Grail Arbor against the Red Army and reports of their defeat to Inferno. Later as the ship sets down on Silent Earth: 3 to do battle with Mayo Deftinwolf. Chase joins in the ground assault alongside Sizer, Hack, and Many. She uses her power as the Vishual, observed by Mayo, to kill a team of Red Army soldiers and as the battle reaches its climax, Chase uses her abilities to resurrect the Prise to full strength, and finally gains the approval of Inferno who reluctantly accepts his role as her father. The Prise then capture Wilhelm Ryan, but both Chase and Inferno suddenly realize that Sizer is missing, and they realize this is a bittersweet victory. Chase departs with the Prise to contemplate while Inferno moves to deal with Ryan.

It all proves to be a short-lived victory as Wilhelm Ryan is executed and promptly resurrected, leading to Inferno launching a full-scale invasion of Apity-Prime, determined to kill him personally. Chase and the Prise also rejoin the effort, and are driven with new vigor as they are made aware of the presence of another, more powerful entity on the battlefield: Claudio Kilgannon.

Good Apollo I'm Burning Star IV, Vol. 1: From Fear Through The Eyes Of MadnessEdit

Chase and Ambellina take time to comfort Claudio, who questions whether or not he is worthy of his role as the Crowing. She assures him that he is, saying that she knows it because "he tells me so."

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