Dr. Leonard Hohenberger






Pearl Hohenberger (Wife)
Joseph Hohenberger (Son)
Coheed Kilgannon (IRO-bot creation)
Cambria Kilgannon (IRO-bot creation)
Claudio Kilgannon (Pseudo- grandson)
Josephine Kilgannon (Secret IRO-Bot creation)
Matthew Kilgannon (Pseudo-grandson)
Maria Kilgannon(Pseudo-grandson)
Jesse Kilgannon (IRO-bot clone of Leonard)



First Appearance:

Year of the Black Rainbow

Dr. Leonard Hohenberger was a human scientist and an Expert in the field of IRO-bot creation.

When his wife Pearl was kidknapped by Wilhelm Ryan and held hostage in a glass coffin suspended above a deadly pit, Leonard was left with no choice but to comply with Wilhelm's demands. During this period he was forced to develop the Monstar virus which he then implanted in Coheed to prevent Ryan from getting his hands on it. After his wife was released and committed suicide due to her treatment in Wilhelm's custody, Dr. Hohenberger attemped to assasinate Mayo Deftinwolf, the man responsible for Pearl's capture. After two unsucessful attempts, the doctor is finally killed by Mayo.

He was responsible for the creation of the first four IRO-bots: Cambria, Coheed and Jesse Kilgannon (a clone of the doctor), The K.B.I. and lastly, after his creation of Monstar, he created Josephine Kilgannon in secret, the host for the Virus' antidote.