Erica Court is a real-world former-love interest of the Writer, whose actions have horrendous consequences on beings living within Heaven's Fence.

The Second Stage Turbine BladeEdit

Although not directly present, nor mentioned by name, Erica Court has a dual role in The Second Stage Turbine Blade as the real-world inspiration for two denizens of Heaven's Fence: the human Newo Ikkin, Claudio Kilgannon's girlfriend, who represents the current life shared by the Writer and Erica Court; and the fallen-Prise Ambellina, Claudio's guardian and protector, who represents the beautiful future the Writer envisions sharing with Erica.

Good Apollo I'm Burning Star IV, Volume I: From Fear Through the Eyes of MadnessEdit

Erica Court's largest role is during this chapter of the Amory War's story. Having scorned the Writer's marriage proposal during The Suffering, Erica Court inadvertently causes a mental schism to form in the Writer's mind, a psychological break that manifests as the daemon Ten Speed in Ten Speed (of God's Blood and Burial). Though not directly involved, Erica Court becomes the center of several delusional episodes experienced by the Writer, who envisions more and more gruesome murder schemes, with Erica as the victim, as recounted in songs like Welcome Home.

Eventually, and inspired by Ten Speed, the Writer is convinced to enter Heaven's Fence and confront Claudio and Ambellina in person. Due to a plot hatched by Ten Speed, the Writer believes that the only way he can find peace in the real world is to punish Erica Court for her betrayal, and the only way to punish Erica Court is for the Writer to violently kill Ambellina, and force Claudio to become the Crowing: a mythical super-being, who will destroy the Keywork and end Heaven's Fence.

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