Gravity's Union
Gravity's Union
Appears On The Afterman: Descension
Track 5
Length 6:45
Written By Claudio Sanchez
Produced By Coheed And Cambria
Michael Birnbaum
Chris Bittner
Preceded By Number City
Followed By Away We Go

Gravity's Union is the fifth song on the 2013 album The Afterman: Descension.

Lyrics Edit

I flew head first into the light
Weightless, crisscrossing, precise
In a dream or was it life

Inside this door all answers wait
So saddle up my steed
Where the lies live way beneath

Oh my, I think I’ve made a mess
This is all my fault it’s what I’ve wished

And I was wrong to let you go
I accept my mistake, but you will never know
This is my love into a ten ton truck
Baby, please remember the better me

No time to change my life in the air before
Our maximum reach outweighted
Apart, pictureless retreat

The terror meets the truth, no longer who
We now know what we must do
Shadow dancing through the roof

Contact the life you used to know
Gravity, the world in tow

And I was wrong to let you go
I accept my mistake, but you will never know
This is my love into a ten ton truck
Baby, please remember the better me

Driver may I sleep with you tonight
Numbered uncertainty
City limits, shoe strewn diary
The roar of the engine won’t cease

All of my love and heart spilled in this car
Picture me the perfect enemy
Our lives are one, colliding up and beyond
In this fatal possibility

I am your, I am your prize

We wave welcome aboard
We wave welcome aboard
In my eyes I drown you

Has he forgotten his place
Bait the hook and let it sink
No cause for alarm
Enter the master, I am Dr. Straight

Scalpel keep that lung in place
Nurse, IV needs refilling
Now watch the brain
Responding quite normal, this life I can save

Every man has a point, where he breaks or conjoins
Among pressure that floods to complicate
Matters close to the heart will define who we are
Do we love? Do we hate? We are only the meat.

We understood the unmistakable
Two romantics on holiday and how they stole our love

Locked in perpetual motion
Carving our wounds wide open
But you let the wrong one in

Inspiration Edit

"One of my biggest fears in life is driving. It's been something I've struggled to do more as an adult simply to try and overcome that fear. The reason I have a hard time driving is because I feel so responsible for what would happen to the person in the passenger seat, namely my wife. When I wrote this song, I was thinking about the worst possible scenario I could ever think of in my life: She and I driving home and getting into an accident that left me alive and her gone, destroying the life we had build together. I couldn't live with myself. So in the story, I paralleled that with the accident of Sirius and Meri"


We rewind back, just before the crash, to Sirius and Meri driving home together from the award ceremony. It's been a whirlwind since his return. A quick, intensely powerful tornado that picks up entire homes and drops them somewhere else. Her heart has been displaced and she's quietly contemplated where to go from here, finally deciding that she can't stay with Sirius.

Meri begins the conversation, telling Sirius how inexplicably proud she is of him. She knew the day would come that he'd be revered. He's far surpassed the goals he set out for himself and deserves the recognition that has been his reward. For her to bask in the glow of his glory - to continue on as if nothing has changed - would be unfair to him. They've both made sacrifices... but sacrifice, at times, meant one another.

She recalls a moment before the mission and the choice he made. Sirius can't help but feel she isn't being fair. "There was never a choice, Meri," an impassioned Sirius retorts, "And sacrifice? In the grand scheme of things, a year and a half of sacrifice in order to change the world doesn't seem so terrible. Can't you see? I came back for you!"

Meri confesses that she'll always love Sirius, but his absence has set in motion the irreversible reality that she cannot change. Sirius' anxiety starts to build as he continues driving. She reveals her relationship with Colten and that she's 3 months pregnant. Sirius is aghast, the news rips through him harder than any entity had, the shock causing him to lose his train of thought and instantly takes his attention from the road. The vehicle jumps the divider and smashes head-on with a massive ground freighter, sending them both rocketing out of the windshield, lives reduced to nameless weight and mass. The couple are suspended in motion for one perfect second, before dropping dangerously to the pavement.

Rushed to the hospital, the couple is attended to by Dr. Straight, the man who saves the life of Sirius. Meri suffered a miscarriage on impact, but the doctor and his team are working tirelessly to save her.

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