House Atlantic is a location in The Amory Wars.


House Atlantic is located in Sector 1 of Heaven's Fence. After Wilhelm Ryan won the War of the Mages, he had the other eight remaining Mages sent to House Atlantic, where experiments were performed on them until they eventually became what is known as Onstantine Priests.

Eventually, House Atlantic became a major base of operations for Ryan and his forces. Pearl Hohenberger was sent here, where Ryan tortured her, although she was eventually released. Coheed and Cambria (while inactive) were also taken here for captivity.

After the death of Leonard Hohenberger, Inferno arrived at House Atlantic and activated Coheed and Cambria. A battle soon ensued between K.B.I., as well as the Prise and Ryan and his forces (which Ryan lost), greatly damaging House Atlantic in the process.

By The Second Stage Turbine Blade, House Atlantic has presumably been returned to its former glory, and once again serves as Ryan's base of operations.

The songs "A Favor House Atlantic" and "The End Complete I: The Fall Of House Atlantic" presumably involve House Atlantic.