Joseph Hohenberger was the much beloved son of Pearl and Leonard Hohenberger. A stout anti-war protester, Joseph and his friends were vocally opposed to the conflict between the Mages Wilhelm Ryan and Covent Marth.

Year of the Black RainbowEdit

In chapter 3 of the novel Joseph convinces his father, Leonard, to allow him to attend Apity Prime's anti-war rally, despite his mother, Pearl's fears that he'll get hurt, caught between the Mage armies and the human protesters. Ignoring her warnings, Joseph attends with some friends, and the armies of Wilhelm Ryan and Covent Marth show up, firing upon each other and the protesters.

In the last moments of Joseph's life, after having been blasted from behind by a soldier, he contemplates the point of protesting, and whether or not the Mages actually care about the human lives they are killing in their mad grab for power. As Joseph dies, his mother and father discover his body.

Joseph's death weighs heavily on Pearl, who blames her husband having denied her word and let him attend. So great is Pearl's grief that, after confronted Leonard about his involvement with the Monstar virus, she flees the house and ascends the tree that used to be Joseph's favorite thinking-spot, and leaps to her death, falling and breaking her body upon his grave.

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