Love Protocol
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Appears On Vaxis - Act I: The Unheavenly Creatures
Track 8
Length 4:29
Written By Claudio Sanchez
Produced By Coheed and Cambria
Preceded By "True Ugly"
Followed By "The Pavilion (A Long Way Back) "

Love Protocol is the eighth song on the Coheed and Cambria's 2018 album Vaxis - Act I: The Unheavenly Creatures.


You locked a knife inside my heart
Buried a key inside my mind
The map surveyed, the X you chart
Where our hands go to hide

Will our needs stay level
As the terrain starts to grade high?
Should I remain unsettled
Watch goodnight turn to goodbye

Hold on to me
Tell me you got me, sweetheart
The world is going dim in my gaze
Sweet Vertigo
Feel my lungs heaving, choking
Clawing down my back
Panic attack
I’m alone
Watch me float as I fall

The soundtrack / placed over this part
It shares no rhythm of mine
It juts and sways, it ends and starts
All in and out of our time

Oh, I can be your dancer
The one you set within your sights
When I admit surrender
Then maybe, goodbye will turn to goodnight

Oh no, we have been cursed
This stage set for a tragic verse
Our Love Protocoled Romance
Our air drained of happenstance

What have we turned ourselves into?
This abstract personnel

Hold on to me…


This song appears to describe the love between Nea and Nostrand, possibly after finding eachother in The Dark Sentencer.

Music Video


Coheed and Cambria Love Protocol (Official Audio)

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