Made Out of Nothing (All That I Am)
01 - Black Rainbow (YOBR).png
Appears On Year of the Black Rainbow
Track 8
Length 4:39
Written By Coheed and Cambria
Produced By Atticus Ross
Joe Barresi
Preceded By World of Lines
Followed By Pearl of the Stars

Made Out of Nothing (All That I Am) is the eighth track on the 2010 album Year of the Black Rainbow.


Never mind all the lines, I'm coming,
And there is no better part of'll see,
The darkest light the blind I'll be,
I accept that you chose to forget,
The horrid thing you made of me, my dear,
It is is so...

The laughing feels so good,
But the world misunderstood all I said,
There was no joke in what I meant.

Someone please come shelter me,
From all that I am,
Never again will I believe,
The same old story.

I've given up on all I love,
For an honest moment of clarity,
I need to feel alright please let me breathe,
In a life I made out of nothing,
To cleanse this useless identity.

Will you hear all the world and its whys?
Just wait...
Will the latter half be as good?
If only I misunderstood,
I weigh all this judgment,
I've been blamed.

I failed you... I fail,
There's no understanding in miracles,
When the worst, it always comes true,
I am the nothing you have saved.

It eats us like cancer,
We're hoping for something,
Maybe an answer,
With all that you've done for me,
Made out of nothing.

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