Mariah Antillarea
Mariah Antillarea
Race Mage
World Fiction
First Appearance The Second Stage Turbine Blade (Issue 1)

Mariah Antillarea is a Mage, born through immaculate conception. She is believed to be God's messenger, and she led the rebellion against Supreme Tri-Mage Wilhelm Ryan.


Mariah Antillarea is a powerful Mage. She was found as an infant on a river-bank and taken in by the Tra-Nuvis monks. Three years later, a rare viral plague swept through the monastery. As the monks attempted to move Mariah from the facility to a safe place, she escaped their grasp and ran to embrace the monk who had served as a father to her. The man, who lay on his deathbed, was instantly cured. Mariah proceeded to heal all of the afflicted, which in turn strengthened her powers. Mariah left the monastery on her 21st birthday to use her powers for "the greater good." Mariah is believed by her followers to be God's messenger, a Messiah sent to overthrow Wilhelm Ryan's regime and restore God's harmony and His place in Man's affairs.

Mariah is strong of body and of mind. She is thoughtful and cares deeply for all that is good.

She has a romantic relationship with Jesse Kilgannon (Inferno).

The Second Stage Turbine BladeEdit

In The Second Stage Turbine Blade, Mariah spurns the Prise for their insolence. She declares that they have waited too long to do what is right and proceeds to lead a rebellion against Wilhelm Ryan and his Red Army. Her rebellion is cut off by the Red Army; Mariah escapes to Paris: Earth to rendezvous with Inferno. She fights harder than most, escaping several close calls.

In the end of The Second Stage Turbine Blade, she is killed by General Mayo Deftinwolf. Her severed head is given to Wilhelm Ryan as a trophy.

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