Fraternal twins, Matthew and Maria Kilgannon were the youngest children of Coheed Kilgannon and Cambria Kilgannon. Born sometime after the events of Year of the Black Rainbow, they were IRO-bots like the rest of their family, but what abilities they might have had is unknown.

The Second Stage Turbine Blade Edit

Born sometime after Coheed and Cambria departed from the K.B.I, Matthew and Maria were infants when Coheed was tricked into believing that he passed a mutant strain of the Monstar Virus onto his children. Believing the only way to prevent the destruction of the Keywork was to murder their own children, Coheed and Cambria proceeded to do so. Coheed administers a fast-acting poison into the children, cradling them to sleep in his arms and saying: "Maria, my star... Matthew, goodnight". They die quietly in their sleep. Coheed and Cambria are later horrified to learn that their deaths were unnecessary as the virus did not exist within them and the children had died for nothing. Wilhelm Ryan simply wanted the Kilgannons out of the way to ensure the Crowing never arose against him.

A short time after their deaths Claudio returns home and during his brief reunion with a resurrected Josephine asks where his parents and the twins are. She is unable to give him an answer before she dies and an Onstantine Priest drives him from the house.

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