Meri Amory
Real name Meriwell Amory
Race Human
Relatives Sirius Amory (Husband)
World Valencine
First Appearance The Afterman: Ascension

Meri Amory is wife to Sirius Amory and one of the main characters in the Afterman story arc.

During Sirius' JourneyEdit

After Sirius left for the Keywork to do a research project on the energy within it, Meri was still unhappy with him for going.  She thought of it as a one-way trip, and that Sirius would never return, so when news came to her about his ship, the Meriwell (a name she always detested), erupting into flames and destruction, she thought she was right, and went to a local pub to drink her troubles away.

However, she was so caught up in her sorrow, that she didn't notice when someone spiked her drink, and if a local police officer hadn't been there, waiting to make an arrest on the assailant, she would most definitely have been raped, killed, or both.  The officer then proceeded to apologize for the events that took place, introduced himself as Colten, and offered to take Meri home.

As fate would have it, Colten and Meri hit it off well, and it wasn't long before they were involved in a serious relationship, and seeing as they had almost a year and a half before Sirius' return, they became more and more involved with one another, and they moved in together.  It wasn't long before Meri was pregnant, but that wasn't going to be the biggest surprise of her year.

Upon Sirius' ReturnEdit

Meri was shocked beyond all forms of measurement when it was reported that Sirius had returned.  She went to go pick him up, knowing that they needed to talk, and they drove off after his press conference.

The Death of MeriEdit

Meri told Sirius how proud she was and how she would always love him.  Then she revealed the happenings of her life in the 547 days Sirius had been gone, that she had moved in with Colten, and revealed her pregnancy.  Sirius was shocked beyond anything he had experienced in the Keywork, and he lost control of the vehicle, crashing into a freighter.  Meri was knocked unconscious by the event and rushed to the hospital by a still-cognitant Sirius, where the doctors learned she had suffered a miscarriage, and she later died in a coma on the operating table.


Meri's soul was translated to the Keywork to the first level of the afterlife.  Anything that happened to her in the afterlife is currently unknown.

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