Newo Ikkin
Newo Ikkin
Also known as Junesong
Race Human
Relatives Samuel Ikkin
Renee Ikkin
World Fiction
First Appearance The Second Stage Turbine Blade (Issue 1)

Newo Ikkin, born to Samuel and Renee Ikkin, is the only child to her adoring parents, who many claim "spoil" their daughter. Outgoing and personable, Newo is the exact opposite of her boyfriend of 2 years, Claudio Kilgannon, whom she spends most of her free time with. She is a junior at Rye Cooper High School, where she is captain of the air-ball team and a volunteer at the local animal shelter. She will strike up a conversation with nearly anyone and always stands up for those she loves.


The Second Stage Turbine BladeEdit

Newo is introduced in the Second Stage Turbine Blade as being Claudio's girlfriend and love. It is when they are out on a date that they get stuck in traffic, unwittingly sparing Claudio the fate that has befallen his family.

After a close call with an Onstantine Priest and determined to find out what happened to his family and why, Claudio writes her a letter and flees. Written in a quick frenzy, Newo does not understand it, and fears what has happened to Claudio. A few days later, she is approached by Ambellina, who reads the letter in curiosity. Afterwards, she declares to Newo that the Claudio she knew is dead and that she should move on with her life.

In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 Edit

The plot of the second story takes place outside Newo's house, where Claudio has been lurking for a few days trying to work up the courage to speak to her. Each time he calls her, he abruptly hangs up, and on the final time he does this he is approached by Apollo, the aged but ever loyal hound. At first he is wary, but recognizing Claudio he is extremely happy. Deciding to pour his heart out to the hound dog, Claudio tells him of the events that have occurred since he left, and then leaves determined to leave Newo behind and destroy Wilhelm Ryan.

Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness Edit

Newo is revealed to be a manifestation of Erica Court, a woman who the Writer was in an intimate relationship with and who he cared very deeply about until it was revealed she was unfaithful to the Writer and extremely vindictive, being unapologetic and even blaming the Writer himself for her actions. She is one of two representations of Erica present in the Fiction, the other being Ambellina. Ambellina represents Erica as the Writer wanted her to be, whereas Newo represents Erica as she is.

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