Nia Worn
Unheavenly Creatures Concept by Chase Stone (8).jpg
Real name Nia Worn
Also known as Sister Spider
Race Human
Relatives Nostrand (Romantic Partner)
Vaxis (Son)
First Appearance Vaxis - Act I: The Unheavenly Creatures

Nia Worn, also known as "Sister Spider", is a criminal of the Five Houses of the Star Supremacy and an inmate aboard The Dark Sentencer. She and Nostrand are parents to Vaxis.


Nia, Nostrand, and Otto were a criminal group active in the Five Houses of the Star Supremacy sometime after they had occupied Heaven's Fence. During a routine bank heist, Otto betrayed the group, intending to keep the stolen money for himself. He shot Nia in the head and took the money. During the escape, Nostrand discovered Otto's duplicity and the two struggled, allowing the authorities to capture them. Apparently unbeknownst to Nostrand, Nia had survived the gunshot, and was also taken prisoner.

Some time later, she gave birth to Vaxis, with Nostrand being the father.

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