Patrick McCormick is the fiance of Josephine Kilgannon. He proposed to her the night when they get attacked by the Jersey City Devils. In the song " 33" he gets killed by an Onstantine Priest.

The Second Stage Turbine BladeEdit

Patrick proposes to Josephine on the night they get attacked by the Jersey City Devils. Patrick is knocked unconscious by a single blow to the face, and is unable to help Josephine while she is getting raped. When he takes her home, he stays and witnesses the murder of Josephine Kilgannon, and flees. In the song "33" he tries to go to a bar, knowing an old friend will be there and knows he will have a weapon to help him fight off anything that may be following him. An Onstantine Priest is sent to kill Patrick, as he desperately tries to run away from fate, but eventually dies in vain as the Onstantine Priest kills him.

Trivia Edit

  • Patrick McCormick is named after former pro basketball player Patrick Ewing, whose jersey number while playing for the New York Knicks happened to be 33.
    • Likewise, the song "33" is also about Patrick Ewing, when not interpreted in the context of The Amory Wars.