The Prise are one of the three catalogued races. They are tasked with the guardianship of the Keywork.

Background Edit

Year Of The Black RainbowEdit

The Prise were given these words by God: "If Man should decide to dabble in my affairs, then guardians must intervene. But, should I come forth to change the face of Man with you there to challenge me -- then I shall return with the stars to destroy' all I have made. Whether Man or I present that danger will not be told in the coming."

This riddle made no mention of the Mages. Therefore, initially, the Prise debated at length whether they ought to intervene when Wilhelm Ryan began the Mage Wars. This allowed Ryan to overthrow the other eleven Mages and become "Supreme Tri-Mage".

After the appearance of The Black Rainbow, the Prise decided, albeit too late, that intervention was necessary. Paranoia, at that point the Prise in charge, persuaded Dr. Hohenberger with the creation of IRO-bots, new guardians of the Keywork. The IRO-bots would take up this defensive mantle, freeing the Prise to do what they must in opposition to Wilhelm Ryan's quest for ultimate power.

Notable PriseEdit