Ryder, also known as The Writing Writer or simply The Writer, is the creator of the Fiction and 'God' of Heaven's Fence. He remains in the background for the majority of the story, only intervening directly in the events of the story in Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Vol. 1, where he enters through the The Willing Well to kill Ambellina to ease his suffering in the real world.

History Edit

Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Vol. 1 - From Fear through the Eyes of Madness Edit

Ryder is a writer living in Elf Tower, New Mexico and the creator of the Fiction. At the beginning of the story, Ryder is trying to get back together with Erica Court, who at first reciprocates until he calls her Ambellina during an intimate moment, at which point she and Ryder angrily fall out over their past issues, including Erica's unfaithfulness and Ryder's mental illness. He regrets this immediately, but subsequent attempts to get through to her fail, and Ryder grows obsessed with completing his perfect vision of his fiction, the only part of his life he has any control over. His actions in the Real are felt throughout the Fiction, while both the Crowing and the Supreme Tri-Mage are affected.

After an encounter with the demon bicycle Ten Speed of God's Blood and Burial, Ryder kidnaps Erica at his goading with the intent to murder her in the hopes that it ends his suffering. Ten Speed stops him, and reveals that it is Ambellina he must murder, not Erica, in order to make the pain stop. To do this, Ryder accesses the Willing Well, a mirror which allows him access to the Fiction. He grabs Ambellina and poisons the mind of Chase, forcing Claudio to go in after him even as he has an opportunity to end Wilhelm Ryan. The result is a confrontation across the Fiction as they seek to escape Ryder. However, upon returning to the Fence, an Onstantine Priest stabs her through the back, killing her. Claudio's attempt to revive her fails, and Ryder reveals that any character who dies by his hand cannot be saved. Claudio angrily rejects Ryder's vision the Writer departs. He comes upon a contingent of United Red Army soldiers, who order him to surrender. Believing himself to be invincible, he refuses.

However, when he is then shot, he discovers he is actually bleeding from bullet wounds. Too late does he realize he has actually returned to the Real and is now hallucinating, at which point he is gunned down by police who had arrived at his residence. Chase feels his passing, and she and Claudio both believe they can now decide their own fate as they move into the final stages of their war against Wilhelm Ryan.


  • The Writer can obviously be compared to Claudio Sanchez, the real life writer of the story.
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