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The Afterman: Ascension (Big Beige Demos) is a demo album of by Coheed and Cambria, featuring early versions of their songs from the studio album The Afterman: Ascension.

This collection was first released on C.D. as a part of The Afterman Limited Edition Boxset - Amory Award Edition, and later released on vinyl for Black Friday Record Store Day 2012 (limited to 1000 pressings).


  1. Key Entity Extraction I: Domino The Destitute (Demo) – 7:51
  2. The Afterman (Demo) – 3:11
  3. Mothers Of Men (Demo) – 4:11
  4. Goodnight, Fair Lady (Demo) – 3:23
  5. Key Entity Extraction II: Holly Wood The Cracked (Demo) – 3:26
    Key Entity Extraction III: Vic The Butcher (Demo) – 5:47
  6. Key Entity Extraction IV: Evagria the Faithful (Demo) – 6:22
  7. Subtraction (Demo) – 3:07
  8. The Homecoming (Bonus Track) (C.D. release only)