The Afterman: Descension is the  seventh studio album by Coheed and Cambria. It is the second part of a double album, the first of which is The Afterman: Ascension.

The deluxe "Amory Award" edition included bonus tracks along with a coffee-table book written by Claudio Sanchez and edited by Evil Ink Comics' Chondra Echert and Blaze James, intended to give a song-by-song experience of the concept album.

A limited-edition collection of demos recordings for this album was released as The Afterman: Descension (Big Beige Demos).

Additionally, select songs from this album were recorded live and included on The Afterman (Live Album).

Story Edit

See here for more information on the story of this album.

Continuing from the The Afterman: Ascension, this album follows the Amory Wars storyline, and concentrates on the character Sirius Amory. Chronologically, this album precedes Year Of The Black Rainbow, which itself was the prequel to the previous records, making it the earliest story in the Amory Wars.

Tracklisting Edit

1. Pretelethal
2. Key Entity Extraction V: Sentry the Defiant
3. The Hard Sell
4. Number City
5. Gravity's Union
6. Away We Go
7. Iron Fist
8. Dark Side Of Me
9. 2's My Favorite 1

iTunes Bonus Edition Tracks:Edit

10. Dark Side of Me (Einziger and Sanchez remix) - 4.24
11. Carol Ann (Bonus Track)
12. Random Reality Shifts (Bonus Track) - 5:47

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