The Color Before the Sun is the eighth studio album by Coheed and Cambria. To date, it is the first and only of the band's studio albums to not be connected to The Amory Wars mythology.

Select songs on this album had their demo versions released as The Color Before The Sun (Big Beige / 4th Street Demos) on cassette and vinyl, although an error led to the vinyl pressing including the studio versions instead. The band apologized and promised that a future release would include the proper demos on vinyl.

This future release became The Color Before the Sun (Deconstructed Deluxe), a vinyl boxset which included the studio album in its entirety, the aforementioned demos, as well as live soundboard recordings of songs from previous albums from various live shows.


The Color Before the Sun has the distinction of being the only studio album released by Coheed and Cambria that does not narrate a story arc of The Amory Wars. Instead, the lyrical content deals with frontman Claudio Sanchez's personal life at the time of writing - particularly, his anxiety toward becoming a father and losing his childhood home.


1. Island
2. Eraser
3. Colors
4. Here to Mars
5. Ghost
6. Atlas
7. Young Love
8. You Got Spirit, Kid
9. The Audience
10. Peace to the Mountain

Best Buy Exclusive Bonus Tracks:

11. Bridge and Tunnel (Demo) - 4:36
11. Eraser (Demo) - 3:42

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