The Color Before The Sun (Big Beige / 4th Street Demos) is a demo album of by Coheed and Cambria, featuring early versions of the songs from their eighth studio album The Color Before the Sun.


This collection was originally intended to be released on vinyl for Record Store Day 2015, but the pressings were recalled due to an error which led to the vinyl pressing including the studio versions instead. Despite the recall, most of the mispressed records were still sold.

The band issued the following statement regarding the mistake: "We are sorry to advise everyone that there was a manufacturing error with our RSD TCBTS demos vinyl. We have requested retailers not to sell it. We will try to repress for a later release. We apologize for this error."

The proper demos were then released on cassette, available for purchase exclusively at the band's 2016 tour supporting The Color Before the Sun. These cassettes were limited to 40 per tour location.

As promised, on August 16th, 2016, Coheed and Cambria released the demo tracks on The Color Before the Sun (Deconstructed Deluxe), a vinyl boxset which also included the studio album in its entirety as well as live soundboard recordings of songs from previous albums from various live shows.


  1. Island (Big Beige / 4th Street Demo) - 4:28
  2. Eraser (Big Beige / 4th Street Demo) - 3:41
  3. Colors (Big Beige / 4th Street Demo) - 4:24
  4. Here to Mars (Big Beige / 4th Street Demo) - 4:23
  5. Ghost (Big Beige / 4th Street Demo) - 2:30
  6. Atlas (Big Beige / 4th Street Demo) - 6:53
  7. Young Love (Big Beige / 4th Street Demo) - 3:36
  8. You Got Spirit, Kid (Big Beige / 4th Street Demo) - 3:16
  9. The Audience (Big Beige / 4th Street Demo) - 6:01
  10. Peace to the Mountain (Big Beige / 4th Street Demo) - 5:42
  11. Bridge and Tunnel (Big Beige / 4th Street Demo) - 4:36
  12. Fangs of the Fox (Big Beige / 4th Street Demo) - 6:19
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