Unheavenly Creatures
Unheavenly Creatures Concept by Chase Stone (2).jpg
Appears On Vaxis - Act I: The Unheavenly Creatures
Track 3
Length 4:14
Written By Claudio Sanchez
Produced By Coheed and Cambria
Preceded By "The Dark Sentencer"
Followed By "Toys"

Unheavenly Creatures is the third song and title track from the Coheed and Cambria's 2018 album Vaxis - Act I: The Unheavenly Creatures.


We were young and had it all figured out
She was the quiet one and I had the mouth
Until she fell to me
We escaped through the alley in the back
Judge told me, Creature
Don’t you dare go back
But I couldn’t dodge
the ringing in my head
Her lonely solemn voice
Through the echoes as it said
"Please don’t leave me here my love"

Oh pretty angel
Swinging from your cable
I fear my dear
The end is near
So run, run, run
like a son of a gun

Did anybody treat you better
To obey and follow to the letter
I fear my dear
The end is here
So run, run, run
like a son of a gun

There was something I forgot to tell her then
Between the kiss and ‘knock em dead, kid’
“There will be no other like you”
Now I can’t keep the guilt from my heart
These stuttering emotions keep me fixed to fall apart
And I know I’m leaving all this sweat in our bed
A broken heart bleeding with a gun to my head

We’re all Unheavenly Creatures


In this track, Nostrand describes his love for for Nea and the guilt he feels for the events leading up to their capture and shipment to The Dark Sentencer

Music Video


Coheed and Cambria Unheavenly Creatures OFFICIAL VIDEO

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