Vielar Crom
Admiral Vielar Crom was an electronically-altered soldier who donned a metal mask. Fiercely loyal, clever, and exceptionally dangerous, Vielar Crom possessed a unique set of body armor which allowed him to sap the energy from all manner of weapons. A powerful soldier capable of great good, or great evil, Vielar Crom was much sought after by Mages during the Mage War.

Year of the Black Rainbow Edit

Vielar Crom was the general of Mage Covent Marth's personal military until the Supreme Tri-Mage, Wilhelm Ryan, de-atomized Covent Marth, and took Vielar Crom prisoner. Initially Vielar Crom refused to serve in the Supreme Tri-Mage's Unified Red Army, but his resistance eventually gave out, and Vielar Crom became the Admiral of the Unified Red Army, where he served as a fearsome soldier and strategist.

The Second Stage Turbine Blade Edit

When General Mayo Detinwolf fails to eliminate Coheed and Cambria Kilgannon, Supreme Tri-Mage Wilhelm Ryan sends Vielar Crom to replace him.

Aboard the Gloria Vel Vessa, a ship headed to Paris: Earth, Vielar Crom challenges Coheed and Cambria in hand-to-hand combat, initially getting the upperhand, because his special armor is capable of sapping the power from Coheed's arm-cannon. However, Jesse, the Inferno, joins the fight, tilting the scale in favor of the K.B.I., and forcing Vielar to summon soldiers from the Unified Red Army in an attempt to overpower Coheed, Cambria, and Jesse. As the battle rages on, Jesse gets distracted, caught in his own reverie, and is impaled with a pipe through the back, a wound that renders him unconscious, allowing Vielar Crom to overpower Coheed and Cambria.

On Paris: Earth, Vielar Crom restrains Coheed and Cambria so that they can be inflicted with the virus carried by the dragonflies. When the two are infected, Coheed mutates into the Monstar, and Cambria into the White Ruineer. Vielar Crom attempts to fight Coheed in his mutated form, but soon discovers that the Monstar's power is too great even for his energy-sapping armor. Vielar Crom is then torn in half by the Monstar.

In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 Edit

Vielar survived, barely, thanks to his augmentations and became the central intelligence behind House Atlantic, which had been modified into a giant combat robot. The Admiral disintegrated the Prise and then attempted to destroy the Grail Arbor before it could make its escape. However, the Crowing fired back, and crippled the fighting machine leaving it temporarily inoperable.

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