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Year of the Black Rainbow is the fifth album by Coheed and Cambria, and as a prequel, it is the first chapter of The Amory Wars. It was released in America on April 13th, 2010 through Columbia Records in North America, and on April 12th in the UK through Roadrunner Records and the rest of the world.

The band began recording the album in April 2009 and finished up later that year in November, with various updates on their Twitter teasing fans about the recording of the album.


This chapter of the Amory Wars arc focuses on Leonard Hohenberger, a scientist, as he fights for revenge against Wilhelm Ryan who has recently risen to power. In order to do this, he creates IRO-bots he calls KnowledgeBeast, and Inferno (KBI, for short).

For more information on the story of this album, see Year of the Black Rainbow (novel).


Special Edition

  • The original CD with Bonus Tracks
  • A 352-page novel of the same name
  • A DVD documentary titled "Every End Has A Beginning" with bonus features
  • Preorder bonus: "Black Card" which gives the owner:
    • Early access to select shows
    • Discounts on band merchandise
    • Exclusive downloads and offers


1. "One" – 1:54
2. "The Broken" – 4:01
3. "Guns of Summer" – 4:50
4. "Here We are Juggernaut" – 3:52
5. "Far" – 5:00
6. "This Shattered Symphony" – 4:30
7. "World of Lines" – 3:17
8. "Made Out of Nothing (All That I Am)" – 4:40
9. "Pearl of the Stars" – 5:03
10. "In The Flame Of Error" – 5:31
11. "When Skeletons Live" – 4:21
12. "The Black Rainbow" – 7:38

Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks:

13. "Chamberlain (Demo)" (Deluxe Edition Exclusive) – 4:20
14. "The Lost Shepherd (Demo)" (Deluxe Edition Exclusive) – 4:11

iTunes Exclusive Track:

15. "Hush" (iTunes Pre-order Exclusive) – 4:18